"About the Sound"

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MASSIVE B Started over 10 years ago with vision of DJ Bobby Konders on starting his own sound system . The voice behind Massive B at its start was no other than Jabba . There has been many additions to Massive B as it continues to grow. Since its start over 10 years ago Massive B has added to new members Big Dawg, Chudney Shotta,  and other members working with the team as well D-Life & X-Man . Massive b has been representing New York and has toured all over the world . Playing major festivals, dances and has been on tours in all of Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Japan, Canada, and USA!!!!!!

There are many major events throughout the year in which Massive B play on as well or takes part in the promotions .

HOT 97 - In Sept. “On da reggae tip” show in NYC and the after party which is a sell off event every year.

West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day in Brooklyn NY is the biggest parade in North America with over 3 million people in attendance. The Massive B truck on the parkway is one of the biggest trucks an most followed in the parade !!!

Fire Sundays in the heart of Brooklyn. This is Massive B home where you will hear the hottest and latest music from reggae, dancehall, hip hop, R&B, and soca !!!!!! Get there early!!! 103 Empire blvd. between Bedford ave. & Washington ave. The hottest and longest running party in Brooklyn, NY and yes ladies you are free!!!!!!!

Bobby Konders---Bobby Konders Birthday Party. Bobby is keeping his B.Day party in NYC in April!!! Massive B Anniversary in May, Massive B Pre Holiday Bash in December. As well as being signed to rockstar video games Grand Theft Auto 4 - Liberty City as host DJ’s to Massive B radio. Hot 97’s radio show “On da reggae tip” Sunday nights with Jabba, 10pm to 1am. Bobby also hosts his own show on Sirius satellite network from 12pm to 6pm on “Reggae Riddims “ Massive B record label and productions (check record label for details).

Jabba---Jabba keep's his annual “Jabba Strikes Back” birthday party in September every year. In March he does “The Modeling Affair” and over the memorial weekend in Florida he does one of the biggest one day reggae/dancehall concerts in the world “The Best of the Best” along with some college dances and the Hot 97 radio show on Sundays with Bobby . Jabba also holds his own slot on weekends on Sirius satellite an controls the Jabba hour on Fridays on 93.5 in NY with this busy schedule. Jabba hosts “pull up selector” on MTV Tempo in the Caribbean and who will forget Jabba’s performance in “Shottas” as Dangols and with all that you may still hear him voice a song or two, remember Jabba bust Nina sky ”move your body”

Big Dog--well he is the silent giant on Massive b, he has been controlling the web site for over 10 years of mixing along side all Massive B mc’s!!!!!!!

Chudney Shotta---You can hear shotta on “Wah Gwan” radio in Brooklyn as Shotta will say Nostrand ave. for life -his old Brooklyn neighborhood. Also a lot of the times you will see Shotta mixing for Jabba . Chudney is one of the most versatile members of Massive B as he can mix with the best of them and hold his own on the microphone. He also keeps his year to year “Fashion and Style” dance in March.

X MAN--- Is other selector DJ’s --that you will definitely see alongside jabba as well as every Fire Sunday. Reppin Massive B. X-Man holding his own in da streets --putting out sum of the wickedest mix cd’s in the NY area.

D-Life---You can hear the big soca man on Hot 97 every Sunday at midnight along side Bobby & Jabba. He also has a regular spot on “Wha Gwan Radio” in Brooklyn. He is also a part of the Fire Sunday’s crew blazing the soca. D-Life is also one of the first soca DJ’s to have a major record label to put out his mix cd.